Difference Between DNA and RNA


  1. The sugar majority is deoxyribose.
  2. They are formed by four types of nucleotides, deoxyadenylate, deoxyguanylate, deoxycytidylate, and deoxythymidylate.
  3. They are found in the nucleus.
  4.  They have two stands of antiparallel double-helical structure i.e. 5’-3’ and 3’-5’ direction.
  5. DNA  stores genetic information
  6. They are concerned with protein synthesis by containing the information required for protein synthesis.


  1. The sugar majority is ribose.
  2. They are also formed by four types of nucleotides. Adenylate, guanylate, cytidylate, and uridylate.
  3. They are found in both the nucleus and cytoplasm.
  4. They exist as a single-stand molecule.
  5. RNA doesn’t store genetic information.
  6. They are directly involved with protein synthesis based on the information contained IN DNA.

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