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Types of program planning

Types of program planning

Types of program planning A. According to the duration Short term plan. Medium-term plan. Long Term plan. B. According to the extent of participation No participation. Restricted participation. Liberal participation. …

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Agricultural Extension specialist

Extension specialist

Agricultural Extension specialist (Qualification, Duties, and responsibilities) Qualification  A specialist must have the following qualifications; 1. Must have rural background with agricultural cultivation experience.2. Must be agricultural graduate.3. Must have …

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Agricultural Extension Administrator

Extension Administrator

Agricultural Extension Administrator (Qualification, Duties, and responsibilities) Qualification  1. Must have rural background.2. Must be agricultural graduate.3. Must have training and technical knowledge and agricultural extension.4. Must have 15­-20 years …

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Extension workers in agriculture

Extension workers in agriculture Qualification   Extension worker must have the following qualifications; 1. Must have rural background. 2. Must have experience on cultivation. 3. Must have agricultural diploma from Agricultural …

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Extension supervisor (Qualification, Duties, and responsibilities)

Extension supervisor (Qualification, Duties, and responsibilities) Qualification A supervisor must have the following qualification 1. Must have rural background. 2. Must be agricultural graduate from University or college. 3. Must have special training on agricultural extension. 4. Must have sufficient technical knowledge on agriculture. 5. Must have ability to teaching. 6. Must have knowledge on appropriate teaching method. 7. Must be efficient in planning and programme building. 8. Must have experience on supervision. 9. Must have far slightness and leadership quality. 10. Must be sympathized on colleagues. 11. Must be efficient in writing, speaking and working. 12. Must be adherence to the rule and regulation. Duties and responsibilities 1. To help the subordinates in planning and programme building, execution and evaluation. 2. To supervise and guide the technical guidance to the field worker. 3. To arrange training for subordinates. 4. To maintain close relationship with specialists. 5. To arrange co-­ordination meeting. 6. To go field tour about 10-­11 days in every month. 7. To collect crop statistics. …

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Top 12 Advantages and Disadvantages of NGOs

Advantages and Disadvantages of NGOs

Advantages and Disadvantages of NGOs Advantages/Merits NGO’s help farmers to increase crop production. NGO’s introduce new technologies to farmers such as new variety, new crop, and new equipment. NGO’s help farmers to improve their living standard. There is a special programme for rural women and youth development. It’s have a strong network. It improves the leadership ability of the rural women and youth. Its help to rural women and youth to develop their social economic condition. It provides a good employment opportunities for educated unemployed youth. It helps to initiate the creativity of youth and rural women. It provides handsome salary for their employer. It encourages the unemployed young and rural women to establish themselves. It increases the economic contribution power in rural women.   Disadvantages/Demerits It provides a vicious cycle of interest. By giving small money, they can take over money by the high rate of interest. It forces people to buy their attractive and developed things. It creates a source of depression, when the consumers pay their loans they suffer a mental depression. When rural people can not pay their loans, they take some punishable action against them which cannot tolerable to mankind. It sometimes creates the source of a quarrel between husband, wife, and other members of the family.

Basic Concept and Types of NGO

Concept and Types of NGO

Concept and Types of NGO Introduction NGO’s  may  be  defined  as  the  organizations  which  are  non­-government  in  nature,  have  been  established with the basic objectives of serving for the rural community by supplying money, time  and labour. Its main vision is poverty alleviation and promotion of sustainable development through education, training and other activities. During mid 60s the Non Government Organisations (NGOs) started working in then East Pakistan.  Initially the activities are limited to relief and rehabilitation of people caused by natural calamities. After the Inception of Bangladesh, the …

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Best definition of organization with objectives

definition of organization

Best definition of organization with objectives Organization Organizations are assemblies of two or more interacting human beings collectively seeking to attain some common goal, with a complex functional roles and responsibilities and system of overall administrations. In other words, organizations are social units or human groupings deliberately constructed to some specific goal (et zion, 1976). Example: UN, IRRI, FAO, BRRI, BARI, BRAC, BINA, BSRI etc. Agricultural Organization/Extension organization It is an arrangement of two or more interacting human beings, which set together to attain some common goal to produce of crops and nursery management through a functional roles of systems of overall administration. Example: DAE. Objectives …

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