The 7 Fate of herbicide in soil

Fate of herbicide in soil

The fate of herbicide in soil: When herbicides are applied to the soil, only a small portion of herbicide is absorbed by the plant. The rest is being lost through …

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Ion Uptake Mechanism (2 Theories)

Ion Uptake Mechanism (Theories)

Ion Uptake Mechanism (Contact exchange theory, CO2 exchange theory) Ion Uptake Theory Scientists have postulated many theories about adsorption of ions, among them following 2 are most important 1.  Contact exchange theory. 2.  CO2 exchange theory.   1. Contact exchange theory   Contact exchange theory   In 1951 aenni and his associates develop this theory. This is a process of direct ion exchange between root cells and soil colloids. They observe that cations of soil colloids are generally moving around their own shell and similarly H+ ions of root surface are also moving around their own shell. In this process, once upon a time when two shells are come in contact closely they overlap each other. Then the ions of these two shells, exchange each other. Result by, H+ ions are replaced by other cations. H+ [Root] + K+ [Clay] → K+ [Root] + H+ [Clay].   2. CO2 …

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Essential plant nutrients, available forms and sources

Essential plant nutrients

Essential plant nutrients, available forms and sources   Nutrients    Available forms                          Specific sources Organic               Inorganic Carbon (C)  CO2 (mainly by stomata)                           Air, atmosphere Hydrogen (H) H2O, H+    …

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