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Difference between Natural and Synthetic Rubber

Natural rubber
Synthetic rubber
1. The rubber which is made from latex of Hevea plant.
1. The rubber which is made from unsaturated hydrocarbon.
2. Hevea braziliensis is the equipment for natural rubber.
2. Polymer or monomer is the equipment for synthetic rubber.
3. Coagulation is require
3. No coagulation
4. Have no definite chemical formula.
4. Have a definite chemical formula.
5. There is no classification.
5. It has many types.
6. Polymerization is not occurred.
6. Polymerization recurred during manufacturing.
7. Tenasile strength is high.
7. Tenasile strength is low.
8. Tear resistance relatively high. e.g Hevea rubber
8. Tear resistance relatively low.

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