Agricultural Extension specialist (Qualification, Duties, and responsibilities)


A specialist must have the following qualifications;

1. Must have rural background with agricultural cultivation experience.
2. Must be agricultural graduate.
3. Must have training on special subject on agricultural field and also better post graduation on  concern subject.
4. Must have sufficient experience in research.
5. Must have experience on supervision, and agricultural extension.
6. Must have experience on good human relation development.
7. Must have ability to help administration on programme building.
8. Must have far sightness and leading capacity.
9. Must be able to think logically.
10. Must have good speaking, writing and technical capacity.

Duties and responsibilities 

1. To maintain linkage with scientific officer and research organization.
2. To establish transfer new agricultural technologies in short time.
3. To part, activity on agricultural planning and programme building.
4. To have sufficient knowledge about the amount of cultivation land and its production.
5. To take proper necessary steps in case of low yield.
6. To find out the causes of low yield.
7. To determine the new steps to overcome these situations.
8. To go field tour according to planning or instruction of administrator.
9. To prepare leaflet, booklet, circular letter, folder, poster etc.
10. To keep record in activities performed.
11. To train the agricultural extension work.

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