Definition of Training with basic 7 objectives

Definition of Training 

Training means to educate a person so as to be fitted, qualified and proficient in doing some job. For an extension worker, training includes education which aims at bringing a desirable change in the behavior of the trainee or learner.    According to Flippo (1965), training may be defined as the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of employees in doing a particular job.   

Jucious (1965) said training is the process of acquiring specific skills to perform a job better.   

According to Haleem (1983), training is the process of improving the knowledge and skills of an incumbent for doing a job.   

Training is the process of improving the knowledge skills and of changing attitudes, values, beliefs, and understanding of an individual for doing the specific job properly.   

Objectives of training 

1. To increase knowledge and skill.   

2. To change of attitude, values, beliefs, and understanding.   

3. To convey the information.   

4. To exchange experience.   

5. To increases job satisfaction.   

6. To develop human relationships.   

7. To prevent wastage of inputs.

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