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Extension workers in agriculture


Extension worker must have the following qualifications;

1. Must have rural background.
2. Must have experience on cultivation.
3. Must have agricultural diploma from Agricultural Training Institute (ATI).
4. Must have agricultural technical knowledge.
5. Must be able to teach farmers.
6. Must be energetic to perform duties.
7. Must be patience to listen farmers problems.
8. Must be good speaker and far sighted.
9. Must be able to lead and plan.

Duties and Responsibilities 

1. To keep agricultural statistic of his block area, total land, cultivable land, waste land, single  cropped area, double cropped area, area under irrigation etc.
2. To monitor the result demonstration.
3. To distribute leaflet, booklet, folder to the farmers.
4. To motivate the farmers for vegetable cultivation and afforestation.
5. To bring the waste land under cultivation.
6. To prepare evaluation report on agricultural development and submit the monthly report.
7. To inform the higher authority or specialists in case of disease and pest infestation.
8. To aware the farmer about any social or economic change which may important for agricultural  production.
9. Try to help the farmers for solving their problems according to his capacity.

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