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Factors affecting decision making, and Problems/Constraints of decision making

Factors affecting decision making 

There are three aspects which must be considered in order to understand decision making process – 
1. Personal differences:There are differences in the personal qualities of individuals which make some decisive and others indecisive. We must observe some personal differences among men and women which enable some to be decisive and which make others indecisive. Common  experience  reveals  that  some  individuals  are  willing  to  make  choices  and  to  abide  by  the  consequences. Others prefer to avoid clear-cut choices and to temporize, to postpone, to hope that somehow, some way circumstances will make a choice unnecessary. 
2. Role of knowledge:Decision making depends upon the availability of the facts and the necessary data. “The careful accumulation of detailed facts, their analysis and interpretation, the use of broad concept of human and physical behavior to predict future developments; All these elements in the use of knowledge enter into decision making in varying degree.” 
3. Institutional and personal factors:There are institutional limitations which affect decision making. “On the one hand, decision making must consider the aspirations, traditions, and attitudes of the agency administering government work.  On the other hand, there are personal prediction among administrators which also limit decision making”.


Problems/Constraints of decision making 

Decision making is a highly complex and difficult process. Some of the problems in decision are: 
i) Routine taking too much time:It is reveal through a study of decision making in business  enterprises that routine takes too much time with the result that decisions are either avoided or  postponed. 
ii) Which problem to be solved first?:The second problem of decision making is which problem should be solved first. It is usually seen that in a large scale organization there are several problems, each looking more urgent than the others. The administrator finds it extremely difficult to determine the priority of these problems. 
iii) Lengthy procedure:Thirdly decisions are delayed because of the lengthy procedure and other formalities attached to arriving at a decision. The whole procedure is circumlocutory and dilatory and it checks quick decisions. Even after all these formalities are complete, there is no certainly that the decision arrived at is a right decision. Procedures are not computing machines that they always give the right decision.

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