Step-by-step How to grow Calendula

How to grow Calendula
Morphology and Production technology of Calendula

How to grow Calendula

English name: Calendula
Scientific name: Calendula officinalis
Family: Compositeae
Origin: Southern Europe

·         Habit: Annual type herbs. Generally winter seasonal flower
·         Leaf: Thin, light green in color, more or less like Tobacco leaf.
·         Color of the flower: Yellow
·         Color and variety:
          a.      Single: Nova
          b.      Double: Ball, Sunshine, Golden emperor, Orange king, Pacific beauty
Production technology:

·         Climate: Grow in tropical and subtropical areas. So, cool and dry weather is best for Calendula
·         Soil: It can grow well in drained loamy and sandy loamy soil.
·         Means of propagation: By seed
·         Cultivation: It can be grow in bed. The seedlings are transplanted at the age of 30 – 40 days
·         Planting time: October – November
·         Spacing: 30 x 35 cm2  
Fertilizer dozes: For per meter square,
·         Cow dung: 10 – 15 kg
·         Oil cake: 200 – 250 gm
·         SSP: 100 gm
·         MP: 50 gm
·         Urea: 20 gm
·         TSP: 20 gm
Cow dung, SSP, Oil cake should be applied at the time of land preparation. MP and Urea should be applied after 20 – 30 days after planting.
Intercultural operation:
1.      Irrigation
2.      Weeding (15 days after)
Disease and pests:

·         Pest: Aphid, Caterpillar
·         Diseases: Leaf blight
·         Management: Dithan M – 45, Soil insecticide like as powder used at the time of fertilizer application.
Uses: Used as cut and pot flower.

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