Step-by-step How to grow Globe amaranth

How to grow Globe amaranth
Morphology, Production technology and Uses of Globe amaranth

How to grow Globe amaranth

English name: Globe amaranth / Bottam flower
Scientific name: Amaranthus globosa
Family: Amaranthaceae
Origin: Central America / tropics
·         Habit: Herbaceous, An annual herb, hardy in nature
·         Leaf: Compound
·         Color of flower: Different colors found. Eg. Reddish, Pink
·         Flower: Opposite compound
Production technology:

·         Climate: Tropical and subtropical. But in subtropical region it grows well.
·         Soil: Well drained loamy to sandy loamy soil
·         Growing season: Both Winter and Rainy season
·         Panting time: February – March for summer crop and October – November for winter crop, Seedlings are thinned to 30 – 45 cm
·         Age of transplanting: At the age of 20 – 25 days
·         Spacing:
        Plant to plant – 25 cm, Line to line 30 cm (for summer flower)
        Plant to plant – 20 cm, Line to line 25 cm (for winter flower)
·         Propagation: By seed or seedlings.
Fertilizer dozes: Fertilizer dozes for Globe amaranth for per bed is
·         Cow dung: 2 – 3 kg
·         TSP: 50 gm.
·         MP: 75 gm
·         (NH)SO: 50 gm
Cow dung and TSP are applied at the time of land preparation.
Intercultural operation:

1.      Irrigation
2.      Weeding
Pest and disease management:

·         Pest: Beetle
·         Disease: leaf blight
Uses: Used as –
1.      Dry flower
2.      Cut flower
3.      Pot flower

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