Step-by-step How to Grow Maize

How to Grow Maize
Production Technology of Maize

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How to Grow Maize

English name: Maize.

Scientific name: Zea mays. 

Family: Gramineae.

Life cycle: 150­-155 days.

Economic importance

It is used as human food, also as poultry feed and fodder crop. Alcohole and edible oil is prepared  from maize. Also prepared board paper.

Origin: Central America, Mexico and Pakistan.

Environmental Requirements

•  It is a crop of warm weather.

•  Temperature: 21 C for germination and 32 C for growth.

•  Rainfall: 25­-500 cm but sensitive to stagnant water.

•  Soil: All type of soil but well drained sandy loam to loam soil is best.

•  PH : 5.5­-7.5.


Local variety: Savar, DMR, JC.

Improve variety: Bornaly (BARI maize 1), Suvro (BARI maize 2), Mohar, Ambercop (khoi bhutta),  Suwan 1, Suwan 2, BARI bhutta 5, BARI bhutta 6. Hybrid Variety: BARI Hybrid Bhutta 3, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Land preparation: 

Land should be prepared 4­-5 ploughing and laddering.The field should be properly leveled.

Fertilizer Application

•  Urea:  275-­300 kg/ha.

•  TSP:  175­-200 kg/ha.

•  MoP:  100­-125 kg/ha.

•  Gypsum:  125 kg/ha.

•  ZnSO4 :  10 kg/ha.

1/3 urea and all other fertilizer should be applied during final land preparation. 2/3 Urea are equally  splited applied at 35­-40 DAS and 65­-70 DAS.


Time:  Robi: 15 October – 15 November.

Kharif­I: 15 February – April.

Kharif­II: July.

Method: 60-­75 cm X 25­30 cm spacing. But it can be sown as broadcasting.

Depth: 25-­35 cm.

Seed Rate: 25­-30 kg for grain/ha.

50 kg for fodder/ha.

Seed Treatment: Seed should be treated with Agrosan G.N. and Granosan M.

Intercultural Operation 

Gap filling: Gap filling is done at 7-­10 DAS.

Thinning: When plant attain a height of 5­-10 cm, it should be thinned out at 10-­15 DAS.

Weeding: 2 weeding can be done.

Earthing Up: The soil in between the line should be earthup at the base of plants.

Irrigation: 2­-3 irrigation are needed. 1st at 35­-40 DAS, 2nd at 65-­70 DAS and 3rd at 90­-95 DAS.

Insect pest and disease Control 

Important insect are Ear worm, Borer, aphids.


•  Seed should be treated with Agrosan G.N. and Granosan M.

•  Use resistance variety.

•  Spray crop with Malathion 57 EC or Fifanon 57 EC for Earworm and aphids.

•  Spray Sumithion/ Diazinon 57 EC for borer.


Important disease are Leaf blight, Maize streak, maize mosic virus.


•  Use resistance variety.

•  Rough the infected plant.

•  Spray cupper oxichloride/Macuprax.


Maturity Symptoms 

•  Colour of crops become straw colour.

•  Leaf become slightly yellow.

•  Black spot are seen at the base of seed.

•  Grain become hard.

Method: Mature crop should be harvested by hand and dried in the sun for 3-­4 days. Finally the  seeds are to be separated by corn sheller or hand or cattle.


•  Local variety: 2-­3 ton/ha.

•  High yielding variety: 4­-5 ton/ha.

•  Hybrid variety: 5­-6 ton/ha.

•  10,000 crop/ha for boiling or roasting.

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