Step-by-step How to Grow Zinnia flowers

How to Grow Zinnia flowers
Production technology of Zinnia

How to Grow Zinnia flowers

English name: Zinnia
Scientific name : Zinnia elegans
Family: Compositeae
Origin: Mexico/ Europe
Plant description:

·         Habit: Herbaceous plant
·         Variety: Some varieties are summer seasonal and some varieties are winter seasonal.
·         Flower: Flowers are very beautiful. Various colors are found. Pink, red, white are commonly found.
Production technology:

·         Climate: Grows in tropical, subtropical and temperate region.·         Soil: Loamy to sandy loam soil is very much suitable for zinnia cultivation. pH should be 6.3 – 6.8.


·         Planting time: Some varieties are winter seasonal and they grow in October – November. Summer seasonal varieties are grown in February – March.

·         Seed rate: 3 – 4 gm per bed

·         Means of propagation: By seed.

Fertilizer doses:

·         Cow dung: 2 – 3 kg
·         Urea: 50 gm
·         TSP: 25 gm
·         MP: 5 gm
Method of application: Cow dung and TSP is applied at the time of land preparation. Urea and MP is applied after 1 month of planting.
Intercultural operation:

·         Irrigation
·         Weeding
Pest and disease:

·         Pests: Aphid, Cut worm, Fungi
·         Control: Bordeaux mixture (Copper fungicide)
·         Disease: Blight
·         Control: Bordeaux mixture (Copper fungicide), Dithane M – 45
Uses: Cut flower, Bed flower

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