Importance of Seeds

Importance of Seeds

The importance of seed is given below-

1. Seed supplies staple food: Seeds are food for mankind, animals, and other living beings. Globally 95% of the total food comes from the seed. About 250 species of seeds are used as food for human and animal beings. The six species of seeds that are used for human consumption are :

  • Rice 
  • Berley
  • Wheat
  • Oat 
  • Maize 
  • Rye

The principal kinds of food stored in the seeds, either inside the cotyledon or in the endosperm, are given below-

  • Carbohydrate- Starch, Hemicellulose, Sugar 
  • Fats and oils
  • Protein 
  • Mineral 
  • Vitamin.

2. Seed supplies raw materials to industry: Several industrial products may be extracted from seeds, i.e., mustard oil, coconut oil, etc., come from mustard and coconut oil, etc. comes from mustard and coconut seed or fruit.

3. Seeds are the basic commodity of agriculture: Seeds are the only commodity enabling the people to work with increased productivity in the field. Without it, the production of work wouldn’t be possible.

4. Seeds are the vehicle of life or means of propagation: Seeds are the vehicle of propagation of new life from one place to another. Many species of plants are widely spread because their seed is easily dispersed.

5. Seeds protect and sustain life: Seeds carry present germplasm variously protected against heat, cold, drought, and water. The seed contains reserved food for the development of the embryo.

6. Seeds are used for medicinal purposes: In some cases, seeds and their products are a good source of medicine. The medicinal value has been widely recognized, such as alkaloids and other compounds. Quinine is the most effective remedy for malaria, which is extracted from the seed of cinchona. 

7. Seeds are the source of oil supply: Seeds are the primary source of vegetable oils, supplying about 55% of the total oil.

8. Seeds acts as a national treasury: Seeds are the national asset and may be compared with a country’s currency. It is a source of foreign currency by exporting like tea, jute, etc.

Why are seeds important?

  • Seeds are used as food for humans and feed for animals.
  • Seeds are the means of propagation.
  • Seeds are the basic commodity in agriculture.
  • Seeds are the source of life.
  • Seeds are the protection of life.
  • Seeds determine the positive or negative direction of society.
  • Seeds are used as raw materials in the industry. They are used for preparing different chemicals such as lubricating oil from castor.
  • Seeds are used as a source of oil. E.g., mustard seed, groundnut seed, soybean seed, etc.
  • Seeds are used as a beverage. E.g., coffee.
  • Seeds are used as the primary tool for the improvement of crops.
  • Seeds are used as medicine. E.g- pitraj, castor, kalozira etc.
  • Seeds are used to prepare different types of cosmetics. E.g., chain, vanity bag, rings, etc.
  • Seeds increase the national treasury.
  • Seeds are also used as wealth.
  • Seeds influenced human health.

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