Integrated Weed Management with Advantages and Disadvantages

Integrated Weed Management
Integrated Weed Management with its Advantages and Disadvantages

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Integrated weed management

Integrated weed management involves the different method of weed prevention and control in right proportion and at appropriate time against the target without damaging the environment.
Integrated approach of weed management is a method where by all economically, ecologically and toxilogically justifiable methods are employed to keep the weed below the tress hold level of economic damage.
The integrated weed management should incorporate cultural/mechanical, chemical and biological weed control method and should the economies be considered and environmental impact must be taken into account.
Advantages of Integrated Weed Management
a)        Most the appropriate method.
b)        Toxic effect on environment is lower than chemical method.
c)        This method ensure higher crop yield.
1.                  There is a little complexity of planning in this method.
2.                  Need skilled labor.

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