Jute Apion/Jute Stem Weevil Control Measures, Pest characters, and Nature of Damage

Scientific name: Apion corchori. 

Family: Curculionidae.   

Order: Coleoptera.  

Pest characters of Jute Stem Weevil/Jute Apion  

•        Body Covered with hard Elytra.   

•        Snout present.   

Nature of Damage of Jute Stem Weevil/Jute Apion   

It is a serious pest of jute. It attacks the jute plants from seedling to harvesting.   

1.  Adult female bore into a hole with snout in young seedlings in the apical portion of the stem. Near the base of petiole, female lay eggs in the axial singly.   

2.  After hatching eggs, grubs feed on vascular bundles inside the stem and ultimate result withering of shoots. This causes a relation to the length of the Fiber.   

3. Different destruction symptoms may occur depending on the age of the plant. If plants attacked at seedlings stage, they become die.   

4.  If the plants are older, as a result of an injury a mucilaginous substance exudates then a hard structure develops. They are known as knot or gira or chok which prevent rotting of jute.   

5.  Adult weevil only bore into the leaves and cannot cause serious damage.   

Management/Control Measures of Jute Stem Weevil/Jute Apion

A) Non­chemical control of Jute Stem Weevil/Jute Apion  

1.      Roughing of infested plants during the early crop season.   

2.      Destruction of stubble after harvesting.   

3.      Encouragement of olitorious jute cultivation.   

B) Chemical control of Jute Stem Weevil/Jute Apion 

1.      Application of Sevin/ Diazinon/ Diginol 60 EC @ 3 mL/ L of water.   

2.      Application of Ripcord/ Cymbush/ Fenon 10 EC @ 1 mL/L of water.   

3.      Application of Azodrin/ Nuvacron 40 WSC @ 3 mL/L of water.  

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