Jute Semilooper

Jute Semilooper (Anomis sabulifera.)

Scientific name: Anomis sabulifera.

Family: Noctuidae.  

Order: Lepidoptera. 

Pest characters of Jute Semilooper  

  • Larvae are called semi loop when they cause damage.  
  • Body-color green, no hair present.  

Nature of damage of Jute Semilooper  

  • Jute Semilooper is a serious pest of jute.
  • Female insects lay eggs singly on the lower surface of the young leaves.   
  • After hatching eggs, the caterpillar feeds on apical leaves and buds (1st to 9th leaves).
  • As a result, plant growth adversely affected, and yield significantly reduced.  

Management/Control Measures of Jute Semilooper

Non­chemical control of Jute Semilooper 

  • Brushing the top of the plants with a long rope soaked in kerosinized water.  
  • Plowing the infested field after harvesting.  
  • Following suitable crop rotation.  
  • Encouragement of insectivorous birds.  

Chemical control of Jute Semilooper using pesticide

  • Application of Sevin/ Diazinon/Diginol 60 EC @ 3 mL/L of water.  
  • Application of Ripcord/Cymbush/Fenon 10 EC @ 1 mL/L of water.  
  • Application of Azodrin/Nuvacron 40 WSC @ 3 mL/L of water.

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