Causal organism: Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV).  


Adlof Mayer at first reported this disease in 1886. In 1892 Iwanowski demonstrated that the tobacco mosaic virus would pass through a bacteria­proof filter. It is the first reported viral disease in the world. It has a long association with other viral diseases.   

Symptoms and Management of Tobacco Mosaic Virus 

Symptoms and Management of Tobacco Mosaic Virus are given below.


  • Discolored vein/Yellowing of the vein of the leaf.   
  • Green patches and yellow patches are alternate with each other. This is the most characteristics symptom of leaf mosaic of tobacco.   
  • Three types of characters such as mottling, distortion, and Stunting are seen on the leaves.   
  • Infected bud leaves become twisted and malformed.   
  • If infection makes earlier, severe dwarfing of plant reduced yield and reduction yield quality.

Favorable condition   

Intensity of disease

The intensity of disease depends on the physical and environmental conditions. The virus can survive in dried tobacco leaves up to 5 years and infected plant juice up to 25 years.   


TMV transmitted by sap. It is done mechanically (Animal, knife, labor hands, etc).

The transmission cycle of Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV)

Control Measure   

  • Field sanitation.   
  • Highly contagious disease; washed the used implements as well as labor hands by running water.   
  • Roughing and cultural practices.   
  • Seedbed soil should be sterilized by steam.   
  • Destruction of the collateral host.   
  • Balanced fertilizers are used (optimum Nitrogenous fertilizer).   
  • No chemical is recommended for TMV.

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