Orange production in Bangladesh

Orange grows well in Sylhet and Chittagong
The climate is the most important parameter for selecting the location of an orange field. The climate determines the success of orange farm and the quality of citrus fruits, while soil and water determine the productivity of orange trees. High temperature and high cold both are harmful for orange growing. High-speed and cold winds can also cause damage to trees, vegetation reduction and loss of fruits and deterioration of their quality. Orange trees do best in areas that receive 40 to 45 inches of rainfall yearly. Orange trees prefer light to medium textured soils, with good drainage and free from stagnant water. 
Orange fruits do not grow well in the ground where there was before another citrus field. A suitable location for installing orange field is a downhill position, resulting in a flat surface, where the cold currents can escape freely. In soils with high inclination, it is better to create terraces. Satisfactory production is achieved in soils with pH 5.5 (mildly acidic) to pH 6.5, but the tree can tolerate pH 4.5 to 8. Orange fruit is a crop that is sensitive to salts. They grow quite well in locations that receive lightly filtered shade, such as in shade produced by nearby tall trees.
Above all these suitable conditions are present in Sylhet and Chittagong areas. The hilly topography in these region is suitable to cultivate oranges, pineapples and lemons. Farmers are interested in cultivating the cash crop, while the government too has extended initiatives to encourage farmers in these areas.

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