Physical Methods of IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

Reduction of pest population by using device which affect them physically or alter their  physical environment. Manipulation of temperature, humidity, light is used for this purpose.  This includes following types:

1. Application of heat

Super heating of empty godown to a temperature above 500C for  10­12 hours will kill the hibernating stored grain pest. Exposing in the infested grains to the  sun on a pucca floor kills stored grain insect in the adult stage.

2. Application of Cold

Refrigeration at 50C of all eatables including dry fruits will kill the  insect. The stored grain pest are also killed by exposing them to sub­zero temperature opening  the doors and windows of godowns.

3. Manipulation of moisture

By raising lowering the moisture content of food and other  materials. Unfavorable condition are created for insect pest. By draining away stagnant water  to the maggot of mosquitoes are killed. Reducing the moisture content of grains below 80%  would save them from most of insect. By soaking the logs in water over extended period (15  days) boring weevils are downward.

4. Sun drying

Stored grain pests can be easily controlled by sun drying.

5. Use of radiation

Ionizing radiation are used to make insect sterile and their by preventing  their further generations. 6. Use of sound: Ultrasonic sound is used to control rats.

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