Plantation crops are grown on plantations. Plantations are large farms where crops are grown for profit. There are many different types of plantation crops. Some of the most common plantation crops are sugar cane, cotton, and tobacco.

Plantation crops

Definition of plantation crops 

Plantation crops may be defined as the crops are cultivated in a vast area continuously grown and managed by an individual or a company. The crops are perennial and are high-value crops of greater economic importance and play a vital role in our economy. The crops include – tea, coffee, rubber, cocoa, betel nut, betel leaf, oil palm, bamboo, etc.  

Characteristics of plantation crops     

  1. Grown in a vast area of land.
  2. Perennial.
  3. High-value crops of greater economic importance.
  4. Play a vital role in our national economy.
  5. Export potential.
  6. Must be processed before use.
  7. Known as a commercial crop or cash crop.

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