Coppicing, Points to keep in mind during coppicing


In Coppicing, whole tree is cut off close to ground level. Shoots sprout from the residual stump technically referred to as the stool. Removal of the trees leading shoots results in hormonal suppression of lateral growth which triggers growth of dormant buds on the side of the trunk. Coppice growth is generally much more vigorous than normal seedlings growth.

Points to keep in mind during coppicing

 Trees should be coppiced only when attains good health and shade effect is too much on the inter crops.

 Trees should be coppiced when attains 3-5 meter height.

 Trees should not coppiced in dry period. In dry fallow period shade of trees help in moisture conservation.

 Coppicing should be done one week before the onset of the rains.

 The optimum cutting height for most of the coppicing trees should be kept in between 30-50 cm above the ground level.

 Initial cut must be angled to permit rainwater to run off from the cut surface easily.

 In case of poor shoot growth, mature trees should be harvested and replanted by new seedlings.

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