Possibilities of Improving Cropping pattern in Bangladesh

There are several possibilities for improving existing cropping patterns in Bangladesh, as it is one of the most suitable areas in the world.
1. It may not be easily possible to bring about profitable change in the cropping pattern during the Kharif season in which the important crops e.g. rice, wheat, sugarcane etc are grown in large areas. But in rabi season which produce crops only 9% of total cropped area has great potential for changing existing cropping patterns.
2. If irrigated facilities along with financial help, technical knowledge etc are provided to cultivated areas under rabi crops. It will be possible to produce crops economically on a large scale and the cropping pattern will be changed.
3. With increased availability of irrigation facilities, supply of good seeds and fertilizer and plant protection materials and other agricultural implements, the existing cropping pattern can be changed greatly, particularly in rabi season.
4. Full scale implementation of GK project, Tista Barage project, Deep tube well project should supply  sufficient  irrigation  water,  and  BADC  may  help  the  cultivators  by  timely  supplying  good  seeds,  fertilizer, plant protection materials and other physical facilities, so allowing full implements of the plan  to expand crop production in the rabi season.
5. In changing crop pattern, Bangladesh Krishi Bank and co­operative bank may give loan to the farmers.
6. For changing, cropping pattern judicious selection of the crop should be made.
7. Through studies, the accommodation of more sets of crops for triple cropping could be developed, which would change existing cropping pattern.
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Possibilities of Improving Cropping pattern 

1. It is capable of producing a large number of crops due to particular climate and physical condition.
2. If irrigation along with financial help, technical knowledge etc are provided, it will be possible to change cropping pattern.
3. With increased supply of good seeds, fertilizer and agro chemicals existing pattern can be changed.
4. Bank loan will help to improve cropping pattern.
5. Judicious selection of crops existing, pattern may be changed.
6. Double cropping, triple cropping, relay cropping can improve the cropping pattern.

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