Problems of Fruit production in Bangladesh

Problems of Fruit production in Bangladesh

1. Lack of improved variety.

2. Lack of quality planting material.

3. Late blooming.

4. Peoples are ignorant about the technology of  fruit growing.

5. Lack of better road transport.

6. Lack of Irrigated facilities.

7. Absence of Co­operation marketing system.

8. Insect and disease.

9. Harvesting problem.

10. Storage problem.

11. Extension problem and research.

12. Low land.

13. Export problem.

14. Lack of expert.

15. Problem of bank loan.

16. Land security.

17. Poverty.

18. Economic risk due to uncontrolled market.

How to increase fruit production

1. Use of fallow land.

2. Commercial cultivation in high land.

3. Input availability.

4. Proper cultural management.

5. Suitable HYV selection.

6. Maximum use of homestead areas.

7. Develop Irrigated facilities.

8.  Proper  training  of  extension  agent  and  farmer.

9. Develop proper marketing facilities.

10. Establishment of processing facilities.

11. Encouraging export.

12. Organised farming system.

13. Increase research and extension effort.

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