Pros and cons of agriculture

pros and cons of agriculture

Pros and cons of agriculture

The opportunities and constraints prevailing in the agricultural sector are as follows:


1.      Agricultural sector is the single largest contributor to GDP.
2.      Crop production system is highly labour intensive and there is an abundance of labour in the country.
3.      Agriculture is the largest source of employment for skilled and e unskilled labour.
4.      Favorable natural environment generally exists throughout the year for crop production.
5.      Wide range of bio-diversity exists for different crops.
6.      Different crops and agricultural commodities are the main sources of nutrition including protein, minerals and vitamins.
7.      Agricultural commodities have comparatively higher value addition than non-agricultural commodities.


1.      Agriculture is dependent on the vagaries of nature and is risky.
2.      Availability of cultivable land is decreasing.
3.      Widespread poverty among the population engaged in agriculture.
4.      Lack of required capital for agricultural activities.
5.      Inadequacy of appropriate technology considering farmers socio-economic conditions.
6.      Uncertainty of fair price of agricultural commodities due to underdeveloped marketing system.
7.      Agricultural commodities are rapidly perishable post harvest losses are too high.
8.      Limited knowledge of common people about the nutritional value of agricultural commodities including vegetables and fruits. 

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