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What is sericulture short answer? The culture of silkworm moth for commercially silk purposes is known as sericulture. It includes both rearings of silkworm and moriculture (mulberry culture).

Types of Silkworm

Types of Silkworm

  • Mulberry silkworm: Bombyx mori.
  • Eri Silkworm: Philosamia Cynthia.
  • Tasar silkworm: 
  • I. Indian tasar: Antheraea mylitta.
  • II. Chinese tasarAntheraea pernyi.
  • III. Japanese tasar: Antheraea yamamai
  • Muga silkworm: Antheraea assamensis. Besides these, there is a special type of silkworm known as Fishline silkworm: Eriogyra pyretorus.

Food plants for silkworm

  • Mulberry silkworm: Mulberry plants.
  • Eri silkworm: Castor leaves. Besides, Cassava, Papaya, Sweet potato, Champa, etc. 
  • Tasar silkworm: I. Indian tasar: Asam, Arjun. II. Chinese/Japanese tasar: Oak leaves. 
  • Muga silkworm: Leaves of som and soalu. 
  • Fish line silkworm: Liquidambar formosana.(Growing in Hawaii Island)

Difference between mulberry silkworm and eri silkworm

Mulberry silkworm Eri silkworm 
Thread continuousThread discontinuous
Fine silkCoarse silk
Small cocoon sizeLarge cocoon size
Comparatively low productHigh product

Classification of the mulberry silkworm 

Mulberry silkworm is classified may various ways.

Based on the origin or regional distribution

  • European silkworm. 
  • Japanese silkworm. 
  • Chinese silkworm.
  • Indian silkworm.

Based on generation per year 

  • Univoltine: This type of silkworm produces one generation per year.  
  • Biovoltine: This produces two generations per year. 
  • Multivoltine: In this case, more than two (5­8) generation produce per year.

Based on larval moult

  • Tri­moulters.
  • Tetra­moulters (In Bangladesh).
  • Penta­moulters.

Based on strains

  • Pure strains.
  • Hybrid strains.
  • a. Monohybrid: When two strains are involved. 
  • b. Polyhybrid: When more than two strains are involved. 

Races of silkworm

  • Nistari: C/40.
  • Nistari: Nawabganj.
  • Nistari: Mirganj.
  • Nistari: Chandraghona.
  • Nistid: White.
  • Nistid: Sylhet. 

The life cycle of the mulberry silkworm

life cycle of the mulberry silkworm

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