Site selection for nursery (commercial purpose)

Nursery is must to be established in such a place which considered ideal for high economic benefit. or this the following aspects may be considered-
1. Location: The location of a nursery is very important factor. The place must be easily visible, open, sunny and free from flood and water logging condition. It should be near the city or own or high way.
2. Communication:The place must be well communicated. It may be by the side of a road, port or human habitation.
3. Soil: Soil of a nursery must be very fertile and loamy.
4. Land value:Value of suitable land for nursery must be researchable with the scope of availability of adjacent land for the extension of the nursery if required in future.
5. Irrigation source:It is good for nursery, if there is a source of water for irrigation. The source maybe river, Canal, Lake, pond etc.
6. Labourers availability:Easy availability of required number of labours whenever required with reasonable salary is one of the consideration.
7. Materials availability: Easy availability of fertilizers, improved seeds, insecticides, pesticides, hormones, tools, equipment etc.
8. Other facilities:Modern facilities like telephone, gas, electricity etc. and socio economic condition of people may be considered. Transporting and marketing facilities should also be considered.

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