Species Selection in agroforestry system

One of the important decisions in agroforestry is the selection of species. In Agroforestry systems, people plant trees for fruit, fodder, fuel, shade, conservation purpose, and various other purposes. Since a large variety of trees are available which could grow in different edaphic climatic conditions. People can select trees of their choice very easily.

The plantation of trees and subsequent maintenance also depends on the agroforestry system. For example, Shifting cultivation is the most primitive form of agroforestry. Only fruit trees not cut while others are cut, dried, and burnt to provide manure for agricultural crops. In other agroforestry systems, however, trees are even more important. They are deliberately introduced into land use. More recently, due to the generation of market opportunities for tree products greater attention has been paid to the selection of tree species in agroforestry in proper proportion.

Species Selection in agroforestry system

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