Symbiosis vs Non symbiosis

Symbiosis vs Non symbiosis

Symbiosis vs Non symbiosis

Difference between symbiosis and non symbiosis

The Biochemical reduction of atmospheric inert   dry nitrogen carried out by an association    of       two dissimilar organism living intimately to the     soil and water. This process is called symbiosis.
The Biochemical reduction of atmospheric inert   dry nitrogen carried out by an individual organism living freely soil and water.  This process           called  Non­symbiosis.
Two organism are responsible.
One organism is responsible.
It is impossible without 2 organism are living together.
It is possible to live alone.
Here, micro­organisms fix nitrogen in leguminous plant.
Micro­organisms fix nitrogen in non-leguminous plant.
Nitrogen fix in their roots and stem of the plant.
Nitrogen fix their bodies.
The organism add N2 in to the soil before death.
Organism add N2 in to the soil after death.
E.g.  Legume­Rhizobium &  Azolla­Anabaena symbiosis.
E.g. Azotobacter, Clostridium, Nostoc etc.

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