What is Potting, Objectives of potting

What is Potting, Objectives of potting


Potting means pot culture for cultivation of plants in pot. High and deep pots are required for potting of plants. A hole is very essential at the bottom of pot for convenient of water removed. Rainy season is very suitable for pot plantation. It also can be done any time of the year.
Broken parts of soil made pot or bricks or stone with straw or dry leaves should be adjusted to the Pore of pot in such a way that’s soil could never be escaped with water from the pot.
Compost and sandy loam soil at the ratio of 1:1 is mixed well and filled up the pot keeping 5 cm free from upward. Seedlings arc to be planted at the middle portion of the ‘pot and swept the soil of pot with water fairly. The pot is kept in the shadow place for a few days. Therefore, it is transferred to the sunny- area for establishment of Seedling.

Objectives of potting

1. Potting is done for increasing the beautification of social and government occasion.  
2. To beautify the homestead.
3. Easy for handling here and there.
4. In terms of breeding program, individual plant is produced and maintained with special care.
5. Potting is done for experimental research.
6. To-protect plants from the adverse effect of sudden floods.
7. Potting is done for photo session.
8. To keep aromatic flowers in a specialized position.
9. Potting is done for the presentation of seedlings until the permanent place is ready for planting.
10. Potting is done for green house purpose.

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