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Plant pathology terms

plant pathology terms

Plant pathology terms 1. Parasite: An organism living upon or in another living organism (the host) and obtaining the food from the invading host.  2. Pathogen: An entity, usually a …

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Significance of dissemination of plant pathogens by seed

dissemination of plant pathogens

Significance of dissemination of plant pathogens by seed Seed transmission is the act of dissemination of pathogen and inoculation of host by  the  pathogen  through  seeds  for  the  preparation  of  disease  from  one  generation  to  another  generation.  Plant pathogen can be transmitted through various agents. Among them seed is the  most efficient carrier of pathogen. The significance of transmission of pathogen  through seed are  discussed below   1.Dormant conditions: The dormant conditions of the seed is highly favourable for  …

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Seed borne Pathogens, Seed Transmitted pathogen

Seed borne Pathogens Any organism or pathogen carried in or on or with seed, may be termed as seed borne  pathogen. e.g. Curvularia spp, Loose smut of wheat pathogen, Covered  smut of barley  pathogen.   Seed Transmitted pathogen  Transfer and re establishment of seed borne pathogen from seed to plant may be termed as  seed  transmitted  pathogen.  These  pathogen  may  be  stayed  with  seed  surface,  embryo,  endosperm etc. How seed borne pathogen are …

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