Commercial farming definition and types of farming are given below.

Commercial Farming Definition

Farming means anything carried out within the farm boundary. Farming aims at producing commodities to meet the necessity of life with the help of natural resources such as land, humidity, light, rainfall, temperature, etc.

Commercial farming means the large-scale production of crops and farm animals for sale using modern technology.

Definition of Farming system

The manner in which a particular set of farm resources is assembled its environment using technology for the production of primary agricultural products (food grains, animal products).

Or, The combination of a given farm and the practice methods used in the production are known as the system of farming that is followed on a farm.

Types of Farming

Farming can be divided into various classes according to the primary agricultural use to which the land is put.

A. Based on agricultural uses:

Farming can be divided into two types.

  1. Pastoral farming
  2. Arable farming

Arable farming can be divided into three types.

  1. Pure arable/specialized farming
  2. Diversified farming
  3. Mixed farming

Pure arable farming is also divided into two types.

  1. Single farming
  2. Multiple farming

Diversified farming is also divided into two types.

  1. Single farming
  2. Multiple farming

B. Based on the size of farming

  1. Large scale farming
  2. Small scale farming

C. Based on the proportion of land and capital investment

  1. Intensive farming
  2. Extensive farming

D. Based on ownership of the farming

  1. Family farming
  2. Co-operative farming
  3. Institutional farming
  4. Capitalistic farming
  5. State farming
  6. Personal farming
  7. Collective farming
  8. Corporate farming

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