Difference between seed viability and vigor

There are basic 6 differences between seed viability and vigor are given below.

Seed viabilitySeed vigor
1. Seed viability is the capability of germination of seed and producing normal seedling.1. Seed vigor is the speed of germination.
2. It is the highest time for physiological maturity.2. It is not a concern.
3. After physiological maturity the viability will be declined3. It varies from seed to seed.
4. The viability test is done to ascertain the proportion of living or dead seeds present in a seed sample.4. Seed vigor test differentiates high vigor seeds from low vigor seeds.
5. The result is exposed in terms of percentage by count.5. The result not expressed by count.
6. For this test one variety is required.6. At least two species are required for this test.

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