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Seed Vigor and Viability

Definition of seed vigor and seed viability is given below.

Seed VigorSeed Viability
Seed vigor is the measure of the physiological stamina and healthiness of the seed.Seed viability denotes the degree to which seed is alive and metabolically active and possesses enzymes capable of catalytic metabolic reaction need for germination and seed growth.
Seed vigor may be defined as those seed properties which determine the potential for rapid uniform emergence and development of normal seedling under a wide range of field condition.Seed viability means that a seed capable of germinating and producing normal seedling.
The organic power of the seed is called seed vigor. On the other hand, the intensity of the living force is called the vigor of the seed.The term viability refers to seed condition, whether living, dormant or dead.

You may read the difference between seed vigor and viability.

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