Drip irrigation: Advantages and Disadvantages

Drip or trickle irrigation with Advantages and Disadvantages]

Drip or tricle irrigation

Drip or trickle irrigation

Drip irrigation is one of the most recent developments in irrigation. It was originally developed in Israel and is becoming popular in areas having water scarcity and salt problem. This system involves slow and frequent application of water drop by drop to the root zone of a crop. Water is lifted and distributed through overhead pipelines which are fitted with nozzles to drop water in the desired site.


i.                    Water is used very economically by this method, since it minimizes the loss of water by deep percolation or by evaporation from the soil surface.
ii.                  Drip irrigation gives higher yield with even poor quality water.
iii.                This method is gaining popularity in arid regions of the world.
iv.                 This system can be used for applying fertilizers in solution.


i.                    The initial cost of equipment is high.
ii.                  Maintenance cost is also high. 

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