Tobacco leaf curl virus Symptoms and Management

Tobacco leaf curl virus

Causal organism: Tobacco leaf curl virus.  

Symptoms of Tobacco leaf curl virus  

1. There is no change in the color of the infected leaves.   

2. The size of the leaves is usually smaller.  

3. Downward turning of the infected leaf, exposed in the midrib. The midrib exposed upward giving an inverted boat-shaped.   

4. Leaf-blade will be thicker.   

5. Young apical leaves become twisted.   

6. The plant becomes dwarf and inflorescence remains condensed.

Favorable condition of Tobacco leaf curl virus  

•        Excess use of nitrogenous fertilizer.   

•        Windy weather.   

•        Insect infestation.   

•        Present of wounds.   

Transmission Cycle: Same as tobacco mosaic disease. It is transmitted by sap. It is done mechanically (Animal, knife, labor hands, etc).

Control Measures/Management of Tobacco leaf curl virus    

  • Remove and destroy the infected plants.   
  • Rogue out the reservoir weed hosts which harbor the virus and whiteflies. Planting tobacco crops during the crop periods when the vector population is low.   
  • Field sanitation.   
  • Highly contagious disease; washed the used implements as well as labor hands by running water.   
  • Balanced fertilizers are used (optimum Nitrogenous fertilizer).  
  • Spraying Sevin 85 WP @ 1.7 kg/ha for control whitefly.

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