Seed Dormancy Definition

Seed Dormancy Definition: 

Dormancy is defined as the state of suspended growth. The term dormancy refers to the lack of growth in any plant due to internal or external factors. Seed technologists use the term of refers to non-germination resulting from conditions within the seeds. 

Dormancy is the state that inhibits the growth of seeds or other plant organs as a result of internal causes, not due to environmental conditions. In other words, the unavailability of well-developed mature, perfectly viable, and healthy seed to germinate when placed under favorable conditions for germination is called dormancy or rest period of seed.

Importance of seed dormancy:

  1. It is a mechanism that helps to survive this species.
  2. It prevents the germination of seed in the field during production.
  3. Dormancy helps to store the seed in the storehouse.
  4. It contributes to the longevity of the species.
  5. It helps in the transformation of seed from one place to another.
  6. Due to dormancy, we can use the crop as a food material.
  7. Creation of a seed bank.
  8. Synchronize germination – Insures a population of plants at some stage of development for out-crossing.
  9. Seed dispersal- e.g.seed coat scarified by passing through a bird’s animal tract.

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