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Symptoms and Management of Red Rust of tea

Causal organism: Cephaleurous parasiticus (Algal disease).

Symptoms of Red Rust of tea

  1. Rusty lesions developed on the leaves. They are roundish in shape. 
  2. Reddish hairs like structure develop on the leaves. 

Favorable condition of Red Rust of tea

·         Bright sunshine. 
·         Disease emergence favored by high temperature and humidity.

Management/Control Measures of Red Rust of tea

·         By obstructing sunshine with the help of shed trees. 
·         Skillful pruning and plucking of bud leaf. 
·         Provide adequate space between plants to maximize air circulation around the foliage. 
·         2% MoP and Urea can be sprayed as a rehabilitate measure in the severely affected sections.  
·         Spraying of fungicides should be directed towards the young stems and laterals bearing rusty fructifications.

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