Important terminology of Genetics and Crop botany

Important terminology of Genetics and Crop botany

*Seed coat: A layer by which a seed is covered.

*Kernel: Without seed coat, the rest part of the seed is combinedly called the kernel.

*Testa: Outer layer of the seed coat.

*Tegmen: Inner layer of the seed coat.

*Endosperm: It is the storage food materials of seed which is situated outside the cotyledons.

*Epicotyle: A part of the embryo, which produces seed or the above-ground part of the plant.

*Coleoptile: The first leaf above the cotyledons which encloses the stem tip and other parts of the plant.

*Hilum: A depressed mark or scar from where the seed was attached directly with the placenta in leguminous pods.

*Mesocotyle: In some monocotyledonous plants like wheat, rice, etc. the part of the seedlings stems below the shoot gets elongated which is called Mesocotyle.

*Radicle: Post primordial in the embryo of a seed.

*Plumule: The major young bud of the embryo within a seed or seedling from which the aerial portion of the plant will develop.

*Cotyledon: Cotyledon is also called seed leaf, the primary or first leaf of an embryo in a seed plant.

*Micropyle: The opening form outside the seed leading through the integument to the nucellus. It marks the portion of the radicle. 

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