Types of farming- On the basis of size of the farming (Large scale farming, Small scale farming)

Large scale farming:

When farming is done on a large size of holding with large amount of capital, large labour force, large or organizations and large risk, it is called large scale farming. In other words, when the factors of production are large in quantity, the scale of farming is said to be large.

Advantages of Large Scale farming

1. Production of large scale farming is more economical.
2. The cost of production per unit production is less
3. The per unit production is increased. 
4. Costly machines like tractors, combine harvester etc., can be maintained on the farm.
5. Better marketing of agricultural products is possible.
6. Subsidiary occupations like dairy, poultry, bee keeping etc., can be started.
7. Proper utilization of factors of production.is possible.
8. It increases bargaining power of the farmers.
9. It makes possible research work on the farm.

Disadvantages of Large scale farming

1. If demand of the products decreases and production exceeds the market demand, there will be more loss to the farmers.
2. In case of labour strike, there will be more loss on the farm.
3. Due to natural calamities like flood, drought, insects and diseases, the farm will suffer a lot.
4. It will be difficult, to be managed. 

Small scale farming

In small scale, farming is done on a small size of holding and other factors of production are small in quantity, the scale of production is said to be small.

Advantages of Small scale farming

1. Intensive cultivation is possible.
2. Labour strike has least effect on the farm.
3. It is easy to manage the farm.
4. Due to natural calamities there is less loss in small scale than large scale farming.

Disadvantages of Small scale farming

1. Small scale farming cannot take advantages of the various economies which are available in the large scale production.
2. Cost of production per unit is more.
3. Mechanization of agriculture is not possibly. 
4. Farmers do not get employment throughout the years. 

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