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What is a hedge plant?

Definition of hedge plants: The plant populations planted along the border or on the boundary for fencing purposes are called hedges.

The low-growing perennial plant grown on the border, plots, beds, lawns, and pathways are called hedge plants. Each plant plays a vital role in ornamental horticulture.

A hedge is usually the shrubs. They play an important role in the structure and character of the garden and provide many practical uses. It may be ornamental or protective or both. These are also necessary to restrict the garden from a public road and adjacent gardens, particularly in flat gardens.

Uses of hedge plants

A hedge can be used for different purposes mentioned below-

  • Hedge has become an essential feature for the formed layout of the gardens.
  • It is used to restrict the garden from all other parts like a public road, building, etc.
  • It separates the drive and parking area from the road, rose garden, and any other special features of the garden.
  • Tall hedges are also used to hide the ugly and unwanted scenes.
  • They are used for maintaining the privacy of a house from the adjoining houses, especially in urban areas.
  • They are used as windbreakers in the summer and winter months toward hot and cold waves.
  • It also helps to reduce air and noise pollution.                                         
  • Hedge also provides colorful and showy background for the herbaceous border.
  • They are raised with beautiful foliage, and plants having fragrant flowers increase the beauty of the place.
  • Hedge plants are usually grown for the boundary of a particular feature of a garden. It is also grown along the border.

Classification of hedge plant

According to the purpose of uses, hedges can be classified into the following groups-

1. Tall protective hedges

The plants which are tall and grow to about 1-3m high are selected for hedge. The growth is dense with thorns. This type of plants are Acacia fernesiana, Bougainvillea sp. Etc.

2. Dwarf protective hedge:

The pants of this type should be dwarf having a height of about 1m. They should be thorny and protective inhabit. The plants of this group are Opuntia sp. , PedilanthusEuphorbia sp. 

3. Tall ornamental hedge:

The plant should be tall and ornamental in nature. They should have attractive leaves. The plants should also produce colorful flowers. Plants are DurantaPlumeriMurraya paniculataHameliapatens etc.

4. Dwarf ornamental hedge:

The plants which are dwarf (i.e., the height of about 1m) and have attractive leaves are used for making an ornamental hedge. The suitable plants are Acalypha sp. , Clerodendron inerme, Lantana.

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